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Why TIMM? Special Interview #2


1. Please introduce yourself.

I am Atsushi Ota from Boulevard Corpotation. I had been working at a film company and a record label, and founded my company 2 years ago. Boulevard is an agency working for international development of every content such as music, animations and games, and doing content planning and production.

2. Would you tell us your concrete business that you have done through TIMM?

TIMM is really a meaningful event for me and I could not have founded my company if I had not encountered TIMM. I have archieved master licenses, festival bookings and many things at TIMM since I attended TIMM first in 2009.

3. What are the attractive things of Japanese music market and the artists?

I do not think Japanese music is familiar to the mass of people in the world, however, there are a great number of enthusiastic fan communities of Japanese music. There is no doubt that it is really attractive for us to deliver the music to those people and to develop the business. And it is also important to connect Japanese music industry as the world's second largest market to overseas one from the perspective of cultural development.

4. What do you plan for your business with Japanese music and artists?

I would love to continue supporting Japanese artists and record labels in overseas development of their products, events, concerts and so on. And I also keep trying to tie up music business more with the other industries like animations and games.

5. TIMM will take place predominantly Shibuya this year. What do you expect for TIMM this time?

Shibuya has been really familiar to me since my teens and it is a trendsetting city for music.
I believe it is the easiest place to come for those who work in this industry. I hope many people will come meet their business possibilities as TIMM is the valuable opportunity that a great number of key persons will come to one place from all over the world. I am also looking forward to meeting many people and create new business and partnerships.

6. Please let us know your upcoming activities and website links if you want.

My company Boulevard will begin its third year from this October. I have experienced uncountable precious encounters at TIMM so far and hope to have good ones this year as well. Please feel free to contact me anytime if we can work together or you need any help.

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