The “One and Only” International Music Market in Japan!



Why TIMM? Special Interview #1


1. Please introduce yourself.

I am John Pantle, and I am a vice president at the Agency for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, CA.
We are a full-service agency that believes in the global future of artistry within the marketplace.

2. Would you tell us your concrete business that you have done through TIMM?

We were fortunate enough to witness SEKAI NO OWARI performing live at TIMM.
We are representing their touring outside of the Japanese market.

3. What are the attractive things of Japanese music market and the artists?

Japan is a great market with some amazing creative voices. We've made a lot of friends through TIMM and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship with Japan and its artists.

4. What do you plan for your business with Japanese music and artists?

We have been able to put together some exiting international tours and place some great bands on festivals such as Coachella. We look forward to continuing our efforts within the global marketplace.

5. TIMM will take place predominantly Shibuya this year. What do you expect for TIMM this time?

I haven't seen the lineup yet but I loved what I saw last time.

6. Please let us know your upcoming activities and website links if you want.

Official website of the Agency for the Performing Arts