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Video Message from SCANDAL Pt.2


They performed live at TOKYO INTERNATIONAL MUSIC MARKET 2015 (12th TIMM) with androp and FLiP (Opening act) on October 21 (wed).
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■ SCANDAL Profile
Formed in Osaka in 2006.
Debut in 2008 "DOLL".
He won Record Award rookie award in the "girl S" the following year.
In March 2012 a successful performance Nippon Budokan with unusual speed, go piled up experience in live, such as to immediately complete the Osaka Castle Hall performance was a dream to the next in March 2013 in five minutes.
In recent years more and more women to start a musical instrument under the influence of SCANDAL is, that you are proud of the enormous popularity around the teenage girls gathered entry of more than 550 from home and abroad in December 2013 4th SCANDAL copy band contest certification. In June 2014, they played at Osaka-jo Hall for the second time, and they made a success of playing 2 days in a row at Yokohama arena, which made them the second band to achieve it for the first time in 23 years since Princess Princess. In January 2015, they kicked off their biggest national hall tour with 31 dates and their world tour with 41 dates in 9 countries including their first overseas performance without supporting acts. And after releasing a new single “Stamp!” on July 22, they are going to head out for their arena tour scheduled to be held from the end of this year to next January. Both in name and reality girl band to represent Japan.