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Seminar Room 2; a New Room at the 15th TIMM for Buyer Presentations and Workshops


At the 15th TIMM’s Seminar and Exhibition venue (Shibuya Excel Tokyu Hotel), as a new initiative, buyer presentation and special workshops will be held. In a slightly more intimate setting, practical workshops and international buyer presentations will be held for international business professionals.

Anyone holding a TIMM pass is eligible to participate. Please see below for the schedule and timetable.

* Most presentations will be done in English and an English/Japanese translations will be made available.
* Seats and entry on fist come firs serve basis.

Seminar Room2 Schedule and Timetable

October 22nd (mon), 2018

11:15 ~ 12:15

Theme: Assessing Japanese music for usage in media and advertising: Introducing SyncSurvey

Presenter:Mark Frieser, CEO SyncSummit/Disconic

PROMIC and SyncSummit/Disconic have developed a report to assess the interest of the international music supervision community in Japanese music, to create more awareness for Japanese music in the international community and to gather feedback that will allow the Japanese music industry to refine its approach to the international sync market and to deliver better targeted music choices.

The report is based on the collection, computation and analysis of responses provided by surveyed music supervisors based on their listening and providing opinions on music provided to them. This is for music professionals interested in participating future surveys.

13:00 ~ 13:30

Theme:  Introducing Beijing Midi Productions Co., Ltd.(Midi Festival) 

Presenter:Shan Wei (单蔚), CEO, Beijing Midi Productions Co., Ltd.

Beijing Midi Productions (establish in 2005) is the producer of the most famous outdoor music festival brand in China. With their wide art management experiences and talent resources, Midi Productions has staged more than 40 successful Midi festivals in different cities of China. Beijing Midi Productions is the promoter of the Midi Festival, ofeten called by themedia as the Chinese “Woodstock”, as well asMidi Electronic Music Festival, Midi Folk & World Music Festival, and is also the organizer of annual Midi Awards, Kids Midi Art Program, Midi School Band Competition etc.

14:30 ~ 15:00

Theme: Introducing Zandari Festa / DMZ Peace Train Music Festival

Presenter:Cecilia Soojeong Yi, Executive Manager, Zandari Culture Company

Zandari Culture Company is a festival promoting company based in Seoul. The main festivals are Zandari Festa, Korea's premier global indie music showcase festival in Hongdae, the epicenter of Seoul's youth culture. This year the festival hosted bands from 17 countries and 50 + international delegates from all over the world. DMZ Peace Train Music Festival was launched by Zandari crew and several international festival promoters such as Martin Elbourne, who's one of the main bookers of the Glastonbury Festival and the promoter of the Great Escape. The festival aims to spread peace to the world with music, setting the festival site inside of important spots near the border between South and North Korea. This year the festival welcomed Glen Matlock, the former bassist of the Sex Pistols and various Asian musicians including Anoice from Japan.

16:30 ~ 17:00

Theme:  Introducing PUFFIN Entertainment (不凡娯楽)

Presenter:Irene Sit, Director, PUFFIN Entertainment Ltd. (Hong Kong) since 1997


Puffin Entertainment Limited is a major promoter hosting many live concerts of Japanese artists in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore.Over the years Puffin Entertainment has worked with numerous renowned Japanese artists and has produced and hosted many concerts.This company is also known not only for concerts but also for events and festival planning and holding.In addition, Team Puffin is an expert who manages the event workflow, and offers professional event management and consulting services to other organizers.

October 23rd (tue), 2018

11:30 ~ 12:00

Theme: Introducing Live at Heart, Sweden

Presenter:Peter Astedt, Senior Adviser / Head of international booking for Live at Heart

Live at Heart is the leading showcase festival in Scandinavia. It contains 200 live acts playing 500 shows for 5,000 audience and a 1,000 industry delegates. The festival is a gateway to many opportunities around the world. They are part of several networks with over 15 other showcase festivals in Europe.

13:00 ~ 14:00

Theme: Navigating the Labyrinth: US Visas for Performing Artists

Presenter:Olivia Galvez, Tamizdat, Incorporated, Artist Mobility Expert

Tamizdat is a non-profit organization which, through research, advocacy, and education programs, helps international artists and arts organizations understand the U.S. artist visa system.

A primer on the US artist visa process. Topics will include figuring out if you need a work visa, which visa classification serves your needs, how to avoid common pitfalls, and the resources available to artists who are struggling through the process. Special attention will be paid to new problems that have arisen in the current political climate.

15:00 ~ 15:30

Theme: Introducing:  33 DEGREES / CROSSLIGHT

Presenter:Philippe Hayot, International Coordinator, Crosslight Japan

33 Degrees/ Crosslightis an agency providing services to artists, talents and companies.

Our services are:
- Coordination service to artists/companies for their development abroad
- Event Production service (Concerts and Tours)
- Distribution of digital and physical content for French market through Universal Music France