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15th TIMM: Keynote Conversation, Ichiro Asatsuma and Yokichi Osato confirmed!


15thTIMM proudly announces a keynote conversation at this year’s TIMM by two legendary figures in the Japanese music industry, Ichiro Asatsuma and Yokichi Osato .

Ichiro Asatsuma joined Pacific Music Publishing (now Fujipacific Music) in 1966 as one of the launch members. Today, he is well respected and known throughout the industry as one of the pioneers of global music publishing business in Japan, with a variety of success stories in international music business. 

The other speaker, Yokichi Osato founded Amuse Inc. in 1978 and built the company up to become the powerhouse entertainment corporation it is today. Known early on for his drive in bringing his business international, he is now known for the recent global success of artists such as “ONE OK ROCK”, “BABYMETAL” and “Perfume”.

The 15thTIMM keynote conversation with Ichiro Asatsuma, Yokichi Osato is scheduled on 15:00-16:30, 22 Oct. at Shibuya excel hotel Tokyu (15thTIMM marketplace).