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13th TIMM Opening Party on October 24!


We proudly announce that “13th TIMM Opening Party” will be held from 9:30 pm on October 24 and TIMM registered exhibitors, buyers and TIMM live showcase artists will be exclusively invited to this party. The venue is WOMB, a famous night club in Tokyo close to the TIMM linked event venue O-EAST.
Please come enjoy the party since the admission is free for TIMM guests! We hope you will enjoy the DJs with all J-pop music and special live showcases there!

Date: October 24 (Mon)

Time: 21:30 – 24:30

Performing Artsts: MANAMI KONISHI with DJ KREVA, CREAM, Carat

DJs: DJ Michelle Sorry and DJ YURiA

Venue: WOMB( Maruyama-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0044
* Only 1 minutes walk from TSUTAYA O-EAST (Map)

Admission: Free

* Only for those who have any TIMM badges
* Drinks will be charged

■ Artist/DJ Profile



She has a large number of experiences as an actress and has made a reputation for her remarkable ability. In 2016, she released a cover track as her new challenge and the unique whisper voice and the beautiful vocal received good reviews. Then KREVA decided to produce her musical activities as he happened to hear she started creating her original tracks including her lyrics and compositions. She now continues creating amazing works which are still unpublished.


KREVA’ s track record is studded with “firsts”. He was the first solo hip-hop artist to top the Oricon albums chart with his second album in the first week of sales in 2006. He was also the first Japanese hip-hop artist to be featured on MTV Unplugged. He has filled the Budokan, Saitama Super Arena, the Osaka-Jo Hall, and Yokohama Arena, continuously setting new record attendance. Kreva is currently writing new songs for his forthcoming album slated for release in spring, 2017, which will be his “first” for Victor Entertainment’s Speedstar Records.


CREAM is a newly formed mainstream group, formed by singer song writer, Minami and rapper/track-maker, Staxx T. Their sound is a fusion of POP, EDM, HIP-HOP also known as “NEW J-POP”. CREAM is known for many things including their DIY YouTube channel “CREAM VISION”, where they upload original songs, behind the scene & live footage as well as a wide variety of covers in Japanese. CREAM VISION has racked up over 120,000 subscribers and recorded a total of over 40 million views, which continues to grow daily.


A DJ & dance vocal unit Carat has sexy and stylish live performance skills. In July 2013, Carat had a stunning debut as the main guest artist of Anime EXPO (AX) and attracted American media and 2,000 people’s attention. Beyond the framework of idols and artists, they established the position of a new category called Generator (who has its own concept and specialized talent person).

DJ Michelle Sorry / DJ YURiA

DJ Michelle Sorry (ex.ミッツィー申し訳)

Organized a J-pop DJ event “Moshiwake Night Ltd.” from 1998 through 2013. As a top of corporate styled “King of J-pop” DJ teams, he formed “Moshiwake Nightaz” and performed at lots of big festivals such as Nippon Budokan and Summer Sonic. They built a generation of J-pop DJ industry. Then the Moshiwake Night ended its 16-year history in 2013 and he changed his DJ name as DJ Michelle Sorry. Visit the official website for the further details!


Started her activity as DJ in 2011. Taking the advantage of her career as a dancer and her own taste in music, she plays as DJ in several dozens of major clubs mainly in Tokyo, such as ageHa, WOMB, VISION and she has been also invited as a guest from local event holders like Taiwan, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, Guam, Hawaii, Cambodia and so on.