The “One and Only” International Music Market in Japan!



[“Why TIMM?” Special Interview 6 from New Visitor]
Paul Cheetham, International Partner Project Manager, Reeperbahn Festival GbR


Q1. Please introduce yourself.

A1. My name is Paul Cheetham. I am the International Manager for Reeperbahn Festival & Conference which takes place in Hamburg, Germany every September.

Q2. How many times have you attended TIMM so far?

A2. This is my very first time visiting TIMM although I have been to Tokyo several times and think the city is fantastic.

Q3. What are the reasons of your participation?

A3. Reeperbahn Festival is now the largest club festival in Germany and one of the most successful and important meeting places in Europe for the music, digital, creative and cultural industries. We are a very well established event in Europe and are now working to introduce ourselves to companies, organisations, and artists in other important markets, especially Asia and North America.

Q4. Do you usually attend the other business events?

A4. I attend around 15 events each year, all over the world, including Melbourne Music Week, SXSW, CMJ, MIDEM, Tallinn Music Week, Canadian Music Week and many others in Europe. It is an excellent way to find new partners, new artists, and new ideas.

Q5. What do you expect for TIMM?

A5. I am really looking forward to my first experience of TIMM. I expect to see the most important people from the Japanese entertainment business there and be able to introduce them to Reeperbahn Festival and see if we can work out beneficial ways for them to attend Reeperbahn Festival in 2016. I hope that this could be the first step on the way to making some very good partnerships and cooperations for the future.