The “One and Only” International Music Market in Japan!



[“Why TIMM?” Special Interview 4]
Bertrand Torpedo, Creator and Director, Torpedo Productions


Q1. Please introduce yourself.

A1. I am Bertrand Torpedo. I am a creator and a director of the production company Torpedo Productions based in Paris, France.

Q2. How many times have you attended TIMM so far?

A2. I have been there 4 times.

Q3. What were the reasons of your participation?

A3. My company trades a lot with Japanese production companies. We organize from 6 to 10 European tours every year for Japanese artists, therefore I must go to TIMM to meet partners and discover new ones.

Q4. What were your impressions about TIMM?

A4. TIMM 2014 was very well organized and with very interesting people. Definitely a great place to be as a music producer.

Q5. Could you get good contacts with Japanese companies there? Have you ever done some business with them?

A5. In 2015, we could develop concrete business with Japanese partners meeting during TIMM 2014. So yes, it has been positive for us.

Q6. Do you usually attend the other business events?

A6. Yes, I will attend MaMA in Paris and Nouvelle Prague in Czech Republic.

Q7. What are the differences between TIMM and the other business events?

A7. TIMM is international with people coming worldwide, which is very interesting for Europeans like me. In Europe, conventions are more for European people. So, I like to attend TIMM to meet Japanese, Koreans, Thai, Americans, etc.

Q8. What are the attractive things of Japanese music market and the artists for you?

A8. Japanese music is not huge business in Europe, but has strong fans. We can count on a great fan base ready to support their Japanese idols. This is very interesting for us. I also appreciate Japanese way of working. Very professional and sharp.

Q9. Do you plan to attend TIMM this year as well? What do you expect for future TIMM?

A9. Of course, I will be there in 2015 with my assistant. I expect to meet more Japanese managers and bring interesting artists in Europe, and also I'd like to send European or African artists in Japan.