The “One and Only” International Music Market in Japan!



[“Why TIMM?” Special Interview 2]
Young-Hoon Lee, Regional Director, Korea Creative Content Agency (Kocca)


Q1. Please introduce yourself.

A1. I am working for Korea Creative Content Agency (Kocca) as the regional director and supporting the business of Korean content industries.

Q2. How many times have you attended TIMM so far?

A2. This year’s TIMM will be the 12th time as I have attended TIMM since the beginning and also participated in TAM (Tokyo Asia Music Market) from 2004.

Q3. What were the reasons of your participation?

A3. Since Japan has a great variety of music fans and its huge market, I started participating and promoting various kinds of music from Korea before K-POP got this popularity.

Q4. What were your impressions about TIMM? And how do you feel about current TIMM compared with the beginnings?

A4. It was really helpful to attend TAM and TIMM during the early years because I could meet a great many people from music industry and communicate each other about music matters, however, I recently feel it has been getting focused on Japanese music only. I am a bit afraid of that thing.

Q5. Could you get good contacts with Japanese companies there? Have you ever done some business with them?

A5. I could get a good network because of TAM and TIMM. KOCCA does not do actual business but a good network like this is very important to start any project.

Q6. Do you usually attend the other business events?

A6. We do not participate in any other events as the Japan office of KOCCA but as the headquarters, we attend MIDEM in France, Music Matters in Singapore and some other events, in addition, we organize our music event MU:CON in Korea.

Q7. What are the differences between TIMM and the other business events?

A7. I think it focuses on business meetings and networking. I would be glad if we could see a great variety of showcases from different countries.

Q8. What are the attractive things of Japanese music market and the artists for you?

A8. Japan is absolutely the top of the market in Asia and it really has plenty of good artists. As I prefer ballad songs, I love Japanese ballads as well.

Q9. Do you plan to attend TIMM this year as well? What do you expect for future TIMM?

A9. Of course I will attend TIMM this year as well for promoting MU:CON. I hope it will invite more people working on music business from various countries.