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Company Name: U/M/A/A Inc.
Business Overview: U/M/A/A Inc., which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020, continues to develop new and innovative models for creative business and emerging music. Established in Tokyo and London in the year 2000 as Third-Ear JPN Ltd., U/M/A/A Inc. has evolved through the concept of propagating modern pop culture (ie. media art, manga, anime, video games, gadgets, fashion, etc.) across the entire globe. From internet-bred Vocaloid and anime-song producers like DECO*27, sasakure.UK, PinocchioP, and fhána, to the club/electronic music of Jeff Mills, Francesco Tristano, London Elektricity, and more. U/M/A/A also specializes in video game music and related merchandise, as an official distribution partner for iam8bit in Asia Pacific, and have released works by a legendary video game music producer, Yuzo Koshiro. We proudly release high-quality genre-less music, and much much more.
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