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Company Name: JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corporatioon
Head Office: Shibuya First Tower
1-2-20 Higashi, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,150-0011,Japan
Paid-in Capital: ¥5,595,000,000
Business Overview: Leading independent entertainment company in the industry

Producing music since 1928, JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corporation (operating as Victor Entertainment), a major independent record company wholly owned by JVCKENWOOD Corporation, has consistently delivered chart-topping hits and culturally important recordings throughout its history, forming a rich catalog of recorded music and audiovisual content. Today it is the home of some of Japan’s best known artists and emerging talents as it continues to keep its position as one of the most respected labels in the Japanese market.

- Labels -
Victor / JVC / Colourful Records / Getting Better Records / Mob Squad / plus Ground / Taishita / Speedstar Records / ELA Music / Black Sheep Records / Connectone / AndRec / NF Records / HiHi Records

- Subsidiary companies -
FlyingDog, Inc. (animation)
Victor Music Arts, Inc. (music publishing /artist management)
Speedstar Music, Inc. (music publishing/artist management)
JVC Networks, Inc. (merchandising/event production/web management)

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