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Company Name: Cross Media Ltd.
Date Established: 1987
Head Office: Translation and Innovation Hub 4th Floor, Central Working White City, 80 Wood Lane, London, United Kingdom
Business Overview: ■ Cross Media Ltd. Company Profile

Cross Media was founded by a Japanese person and is based in London; the cultural and economic heart of Europe. We aim to promote Japanese culture around the world via our publications and events.

We were established in 1987, and began producing publications for Japanese people in London, including lifestyle magazines and travel guides such as RED DIRECTORY and UK SEIKATSU. We then established the Eat-Japan brand, under which we produced a magazine and various publications including THE SUSHI MENU BOOK, THE JAPANESE MENU BOOK and DASHI AND UMAMI. Our aim was to convey to English speakers reliable information about Japanese food and food culture.

Since 2010, our main efforts have been directed towards producing the twice-yearly HYPER JAPAN expo of Japanese culture. The aim of the event is to bring to a European audience a true sense of Japan right now, from a multitude of angles including food, music, fashion, technology, travel, traditional culture, video games, manga and anime, via live performances and exhibitor stands. In 2015, our events attracted over 130,000 attendees from all across Europe, making them the largest events specialising in Japanese culture in the UK.

Through planning and running these events, we have built-up a lot of know-how and knowledge of “cool Japan” contents, as well as forging strong links with the local community and UK media. We have used these assets to support Japanese companies and public bodies in their UK activities.

Our client base spans not only commercial businesses but also government and public bodies such as the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Japan Tourism Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Fukuoka City and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

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HYPER JAPAN is the largest exhibition celebrating Japanese culture to be held in the UK. Organized by Cross Media Ltd., it was first held in London 2010 and since 2014 has taken place twice a year, in July and November. Centred on Japanese cuisine and popular culture such as gaming, manga, anime and music, the event introduces a wide range of Japanese culture, encompassing technology, fashion, traditional crafts. The venue is divided into three main areas; the stage area, the exhibition area and the experience area. The summer and winter events have different themes. The theme of the summer event is a festival of popular culture, while the winter event is a shopping and merchandising event centred around Christmas shopping.

HYPER JAPAN was developed in 2010, the brainchild of Cross Media Ltd.’s President and Representative Director Mr. Kazuhiro Marumo, as a fusion of Japanese cuisine, which is increasingly popular in the UK, and Japanese pop culture, which was already booming across Europe. In this sense it is different from the many pop culture events that are currently held around the world by local fan communities.

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