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Company Name: HiFive Entertainment
Date Established: March, 2016 (HiFive)
Head Office: 北京:
4F, Building C, Zhizhen Tower, No.7 Zhichun Road, Haidian, Beijing

Fl. 12, T1, Fucheng International Plaza, 722 Yizhou Avenue, Gaoxin District, Chengdu
Business Overview: 成都嗨翻屋文化传播有限公司(HiFive)是一家新锐互联网音乐公司。HiFive依托先进的技术手段和互联网产品方案,提供版权管理、现场演出、音乐制作和艺人经纪4项业务。HiFive旗下同时拥有与Sony/ATV联合成立的动漫游戏音乐厂牌AGM(Animation Game Music),专注于游戏动漫二次元音乐相关的内容。


a.拥有互联网在线版权交易平台,独家代理Sony/ATV和EMI 等厂牌上百万首商用版权音乐,提供算法智能选曲,在线支付、一站式授权及授权查询功能。
b.提供音乐维权的技术服务:音乐识别和监控技术和成熟的律师团队能够有效地改善音乐维权的取证难、维权麻烦等痛点问题,帮助我国音乐人维护自己的合法权益,争取自己的利益 。

Chengdu HiFive Entertainment Co. Ltd.(HiFive)is a new generation Internet music company. Based on advanced technology and Internet product solutions, HiFive provide 4 main services including copyright management, live shows, music production and artist agency. Moreover, the animation game music label —— AGM(Animation Game Music) founded by HiFive and Sony/ATV is focus on music contents about animation, and game music


1. Copyright Management
a. HiFive launched Online Copyright Licensing Platform, to help business clients, like advertisement companies, game companies, etc. to easly get music licensing on line. Currently, Hi Five has been exclusive agency for Sony/ATV and EMI’s production music in China mainland, and also manage HiFive provide AI music selections, online purchasing, one-step authorization and inquiry.
b. HiFive provide technical services for real-tim monitoring online music copyright infringement. And also we have professional legal team to protect these music copyright.

2. Live Shows
Hi Five also hold live concerts in China, focus bring Japanese artiests into China.
- Hi Five have a co-founded live label with Sony/ATV called “AGM Uni-con”, which holds animation & game related concert in China. This year, we work with SMEJ and Exit Tunes to bring GARNiDELiA, ELISA & kradness in.
- We also hold artiest individual live show in China. We have held The SxPLAY’s tour show in 6 cities in 2016, V.K (Taiwan Pianist)’s tour show in 3 cities in 2017 May. And also welcome more artiests to contact us.

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