The “One and Only” International Music Market in Japan!



“FES☆TIVE”, the one and only festival-related Japanese idol unit!
The concept for their songs is based on danceable up-tempo numbers featuring the essence of Japanese style. Their live performances always get audiences extremely excited.

It has been said among Japanese idol fans that their major song ""OIDEMASE-Gokuraku-"" has become a hot topic as ""the most exciting song in live performances to create a sense of togetherness"".
The single “YURA YURA YURARI KOIGOKORO” released this January ranked 5th in ORICON’s weekly chart. FES☆TIVE is going forward and forward now!

This summer, they premiered the song “Hare to Ke! Appare! Japanese!” from their brand-new single released this September. “FES☆TIVE” is now being expected to become all the rage!

They have performed not only in Japan but also abroad many times and have been rapidly getting popular all over the world, especially in Asia.

■ FES☆TIVE are Hinari Aoba, Piano Shiraishi, Saria Mano,Saeko Kondo, Ruriko Doko, Marika Minami

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Tokuma Japan Communications Co., Ltd.
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