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Japanese producer DECO*27 creates high-energy songs enchanting listeners with Vocaloid-powered lyrics that also send those same people floating on the music’s waves. His foundation comes via rock and the use of singing-synthesizer technology. But DECO*27’s catalog features moments where styles such as folk and electronic meld with his more chugging approach. Whatever the sound, he zooms in on love and romance, presenting these familiar feeling via subtle wordplay and creative flair to connect with young listeners.

DECO*27 debuted in 2008, sharing tracks featuring the digital voices of Vocaloid avatars such as Hatsune Miku on Japanese video sites. He’s pulled in impressive stats online. Seventeen songs on the site Niconico boast over one million views, while 23 have managed the same on YouTube. Between Niconico and YouTube his songs have been played over 100 million times.

He’s done just as well beyond the web. DECO*27’s first album came out in the spring of 2010, but it was second full-length Aimai Elegy arriving that December that saw him debut on Japan’s Oricon album charts, at the seven spot. From there, he put out albums built around Vocaloid singing and collections featuring nothing but human voices. The 2014 set Conti New found him using Hatsune Miku exclusively, and served as a turning point in his career. He put out his latest album Ghost Rule in 2016.

Over the last decade, DECO*27 has worked with a variety of singers, pop idols and voice actors on their music. He also collaborated on a number of ad campaigns.

Reflecting his status as a digital native, DECO*27’s work continues to for the cutting edge, while also respecting the roots of Japan’s Vocaloid community. He’s one of the country’s most unique creators thanks to his enthusiasm and openness.
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