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Creepy Nuts

Creepy Nuts

Creepy Nuts is 1 MC 1 DJ unit, number one Japanese MC battle rapper " R-指定" who won the most famous Japanese MC battle ULTIMATE MC BATTLE (UMB) Osaka 5 times, and the champion of the national competition UMB GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and "DJ Matsunaga" who has been top3 of DMC JAPAN 2 times and also known as a track maker providing tracks to a variety of artists.

Their unique live performance with these two skilled musicians attracts attention in the industry as a new dawn of Japanese HIP HOP scene.

So far 2 EPs "たりないふたり" and "助演男優賞" are released and both records have been smash hit as most of the music videos on Youtube has been watched millions of times.

Creepy Nuts’ vitality is highly valued from all types of media as you can see them featured in numerous media including television and magazines and they are also personality of famous radio shows.

In 2017, Creepy Nuts had Japan headliner tour in July and August and all the shows were sold out. Not only shows in clubs and venues, but also played at huge festivals such as SUMMER SONIC and ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL to name a few and getting solid fan base among not only HIP HOP but every kind of music scene now.
In 2017, Creepy Nuts started a label for themselves called CREEPERS in Sony Music and debut with single "高校デビュー、大学デビュー、全部失敗したけどメジャーデビュー。" released on November 8.
Company Name
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.