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androp「From here」studio live (from new album「androp」)

androp is a 4-piece rock band who made a debut with their first album anew in December 2009.
They distinguish themselves in the music scene with their genreless and thoroughly elaborated sound approach and multilateral musical expression. Their visual world and art work have won worldwide acclaim; their music videos have received 11 domestic and international awards including the ones from Cannes International Advertising Festival (France), One Show (US) and Webby Awards (US). Their third full album period, released in March 2014, debuted as one of top five albums in the Oricon Daily Chart. At the end of the same month, they played at Yoyogi National Stadium first gymnasium in Tokyo as their first arena show without supporting acts which went sold out for 10,000 audience. Their spectacular stage performance with the combined effects of projected image, audio and lighting has also been receiving remarkable attention.
From May to July in 2015, they held a national live house tour and played 39 shows in 36 cities, which became the highest number in the band’s career. On August 5, their self-titled new album androp is going to be released. It features 14 songs including “Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!” which is a current TV commercial song for Mitsuya Cider, “Shout”, “Ghost” (both were the theme songs of a TV drama) and “You Make Me” which was part of the soundtrack for Appleseed Alpha (a 3D computer-animated film released worldwide in 2014). As it shows, they have worked on a number of theme songs for films and TV dramas and their activities cover various fields.

ジャンルレスかつ緻密なサウンドアプローチと、多角的な音楽表現でシーンに頭角を現す。これまで発表されたミュージック・ビデオは、カンヌ国際広告祭(仏)、One Show(米)、Webby Awards(米)ほか国内外11のアワードで受賞するなど、その映像世界やアートワークは世界的な評価を得ている。2014年3月に発売された3rdフルアルバム『period』はオリコンデイリーチャート初登場TOP5入りを記録。同月末に東京・国立代々木競技場第一体育館にて行われた初のアリーナ単独公演はソールド・アウト、1万人を動員した。映像・音響・照明が三位一体となったスペクタクルなステージ・パフォーマンスも大きな注目を集めている。
2015年5-7月にかけて、バンド史上最多36都市39公演からなる全国ライブハウスツアーを開催。8月5日には、セルフタイトルとなるニューアルバム『androp』をリリース。三ツ矢サイダーTVCMソング「Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!」をはじめ、ドラマ主題歌となった「Shout」「Ghost」、昨年世界公開の映画「アップルシード アルファ」挿入歌「You Make Me」ほか話題曲含む全14曲を収録。数々の映画やドラマ主題歌を手掛けるなど、その活動は多岐に渡る。

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