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ANTIC CAFÉ アンティック-珈琲店-

Antic Cafe, often called An Cafe, is a pop rock band consists of Miku (vocalist), Takuya (guitarist), Kanon (bassist), Yu-ki (keyboardist) and Teruki (drummer).

The band has been active in the indie scene, having performed twice at Nippon Budokan and overseas venues. On August 26, 2015, they finally released their first major debut single entitled ""Sennen Dive!!!!!(千年DIVE!!!!!)"", which reached No.8 on the Oricon weekly chart (16,399 units sold as of September 1, 2015) and marked the first Top 10 single of the band. In gratitude of the support they received, they performed skydiving as they promised to their fans before the release of the single.

They have announced their solo event “SUMMER DIVE”, at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on September 6 and their national tour starting from November 21 (15 cities).

Vo:みく、Gt:takuya、Ba:カノン、Key:ゆうき、Dr:輝喜の5人組ロックバンド、通称 アンカフェ。

9/6(日)には日比谷野外大音楽堂にて、この夏集大成ともいえる、ワンマンイベント「SUMMER DIVE」を開催。 11/21(土)〜は全国15カ所ワンマンツアーが決定している。

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