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In 2007, A-bee released his debut album, FLYING-GO-ROUND. This albums explores an electronica and dance music style essence, while integrating various aspects ranging from pop to core music that exceeds any boundary of a specific genre. His style is delicately constructed with a unique variety of combinations and sampling that has gained the support not only from common listeners, but even by those in the music industry and various other music fanatics. Overall, he has kept a high position in the iTunes download ranking charts. The most recent EP “SAMON” themed around WA (Japanese culture) topped the iTunes electronic chart.

His external works include producing, remixing and composing music for major artists, such as Arashi, A.B.C-Z, Sakura Gakuin, Afiliasaga, Chuning Candy, anime songs of fhána Minori Chihara, ZAQ, Takuma Terashima, JAM Project, Lovelive! μ's, K-pop artists such as TVXQ!, BLACKPINK. His other works also involve composing music for televised commercials for Coca-Cola, JR Bullet Train, SK-II, shu uemura, background scores for nationally televised anime affiliated with TV Asashi (such as Tribe Cool Crew and Brave Beats of Sunrise Inc.) and for the television anime derived from a popular light novel series Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon, and also the anime opening theme song for TOKYO MIX’s broadcasted television animation series Owarimonogatari (which involved the collaboration with mito from clammbon).

Proactively releasing his very own albums, which include his 2nd album POLYPHONIC CITY (released in 2008), the remix album A-bee remixes –FACE– (released in 2009), the 3rd album CURRENTRIA(released in 2010), and currently released under the record company, Village Again Association, the 4th album SHIRO(released in 2011), the 5th album HIKARIST(released in 2014), and the mix album Sound Tronica(released in 2014).

A-bee’s talent and creations/creative works ranging from his personal albums that portray a melodious and yet artistic worldview with the elaborate use of transcendental music, his mix albums that reflect his workmanship as a DJ, the client-based projects that endorse the use of various musical elements, the approach to music for animations and film productions as a next generation music composer, have left an everlasting impression that is diverse and yet have substantial originality, and has accumulated the attention as a unique presence especially in the dance music field.
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