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Timetable for business seminars confirmed
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The 13h Tokyo International Music Market (13h TIMM) will take place this year at SHIBUYA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU on October 24th and 25th (at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba on October 26th). SHIBUYA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU will be the main business meeting venue this year. The 13th Tokyo International Music Market 2016 to take place predominantly in Shibuya.

Timetable for the business seminars at SHIBUYA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU have been confirmed.
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[13th Tokyo International Music Market (13th TIMM) Outline]

Dates: Oct. 24th (Mon), 25th (Tue) and 26th (Wed), 2016

Venues: SHIBUYA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU (October 24th, 25th ), Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba (October 26th)

■ October 24 (Mon)

10:00 - 11:30

< Theme>

Latest Music Copyright Situation in Mainland China

< Outline>

Mark Yokozawa, concert organizer of Japanese artists in Asian countries such as mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, will moderate this panel and talk about the latest in the copyright situation in mainland China.

< Moderator>

Mark Yokozawa (CEO / ASSOSIA Co., Ltd.)

< Speakers>

Details T.B.A.


A Key Player: The Booking Agent

With the fall in sales of prerecorded music, especially outside of Japan, performing live has become more important than ever to build a musical act's career. No one is more crucial in this endeavor than the booking agent. This panel will discuss the process with some premiere international booking agents who find shows and tours for well-known Japanese acts. They'll explain how they handle and promote top level Japan talent internationally.

< Moderator>

Rob Schwartz (Tokyo Bureau Chief / Billboard magazine)

< Speakers>

John Pantle (Vice President / APA Talent and Literary Agency)

Ross Warnock (Agent / United Talent Agency)


Keynote Conversation~How to Expand Businesses Overseas.

< Outline>

Los Angeles based music producer, Kaz Utsunomiya and former president of Sony Music Entertainment / current CEO of 247 Inc. and adviser for S.M. Entertainment, Shigeo Maruyama will discuss, using past examples, how we can expand businesses overseas in .

< Speakers>

Kaz Utsunomiya (COO, Executive Producer / Antinos Management America, Inc.)

Shigeo Maruyama (CEO / 247 Inc. and Adviser / S.M. Entertainment)


Seminar co-organized by MPAJ

Details T.B.A.

■ October 25 (Tue)


Preparing Japanese Artists to Tour Overseas

Japan's music is as unique as its culture, which can be both a benefit and a liability. This group of well-traveled industry veterans will discuss the many challenges facing Japanese artists when trying to build a foreign audience. Do you need to attend that music conference abroad? In what language do the lyrics need to be? What kind of team should you have in place before buying plane tickets? These are all topics that will be raised during the panel.

Rev.Moose (Co-Founder/ Marauder )

< Speakers>

Nambu Ryohei (COO / FYD Inc. and CEO / ZAZA Inc.)

Vladimir Kravchenko (General Director / COLISIUM International Music Conference)

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State of the Union - A look at music festivals across Asia

It's a great time for music festivals though with so many popping up, is the market in Asia in danger of becoming saturated? What are some recent trends and where is the live music business going? Also, a look at how promoters choose the artists that perform. In the era of streaming, social media plus other data, it's more of a science now than ever before!


Sebastian Mair (President / Music Solutions)

Archie Hamilton (Founder & MD / SPLIT UNITED )

Justin Sweeting (Music Director / Magnetic Asia Ltd)

And more


Keynote Conversation~Tetsuya Komuro Talks About Future Global Expansion

Tetsuya Komuro performed in Taiwan for the first time in 19 years. He is once again producing artists on a full scale and will start with a new 5 piece girl group, Def Will. He also plans to recommence performing actively overseas in the near future. Interviewed by Jay Kogami, he talks about future global expansion.


Tetsuya Komuro (Music Producer)

Jay Kogami (Digital Music Journalist)


SyncSummit@TIMM 2016; a J-Music LAB Seminar

RIAJ will once again organize a seminar panel focused on international synchronization.  This panel with Mark Frieser of SyncSummit as moderator; will be joined by leading music supervisors of award winning TV series, major TV network, and major advertisement firm and will talk about international music in audio-visual works and future possibilities in Japanese music sync.

Mark Frieser (CEO, SyncSummit / SyncExchange)


Gary Calamar (President, Go Music)

Chris Clark (Director of Music, Leo Burnette)

Mamie Coleman (VP, Music and Production, Fox Broadcasting Company)

Organizers:  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI); UNIJAPAN, Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC); and The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA)

Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC)
Kaz Michijima
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