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[“Why TIMM?” Special Interview 5]
Kazuki Nema, Cross-Media Department & Sales Promotion Department Global Division, Lantis Co., Ltd.


Q1. Please introduce yourself.

A1. I am Kazuki Nema from Lantis Co., Ltd., a Japanese record company mainly producing and distributing anime (Japanese animations) and game music. I am in charge of licensing of our works for both Japan and overseas regions.

Q2. How many times have you attended TIMM so far?

A2. This year’s TIMM will be 6th time for us since we have participated 5 times already.

Q3. What were the reasons of your participation?

A3. We have completed the anisong (anime related songs) festival “Anisong World Tour 2015 Lantis Festival” in 6 cities worldwide from January through April this year and would like to keep promoting our music to many countries and regions actively. For these activities, I hope we can talk to overseas companies more about our motivation for the international market.

Q4. What were your impressions about TIMM?

A4. I myself have attended TIMM since last year. It was a really valuable experience to be able to meet many companies I usually couldn’t contact directly.

Q5. Do you usually attend the other business events?

A5. Yes, we actively take part in a lot of events related to our industry. The recent participation was “Live Entertainment & Event Expo” in last July and I talked about “Anisong World Tour 2015 Lantis Festival”.

Q6. What are the attractive things of Japanese music market and the artists for you?

A6. I think there are a lot of unique and niche music culture in Japan, like visual-kei (a certain type of Japanese rock), idols, anisong, vocaloid (singing voice synthesizer), enka (Japanese blues) and more. These kinds of Japanese music being sophisticated over time are now spreading out to people worldwide by the popularity of the internet.

Q7. Do you plan to attend TIMM this year as well? What do you expect for future TIMM?

A7. Yes, I will be there. We intend to work together with local companies in a great number of countries and regions. I would love to communicate with more people in a lot of industries from overseas countries.